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What your cosmetic dental practice is marketing or selling matters. Here is why.


If you’re a cosmetic dentist, then “Teeth Are Not Tools Podcast” is perfect for marketing agency insights on how your dental practice’s sales matter to its overall marketing activities.

By understanding what your cosmetic dental practice is selling you can begin to understand the value of your products and services to your patients.

Understanding the value of a product and service allow you to speak with empathy to that bride that expects to have amazing wedding photos or that mom rejoining the workforce looking to put her best smile forward in a job interview.

My name is Edward Ferguson and I host The Teeth Are Not Tools Podcast. Today, I’m going to show you how to get unstuck with your cosmetic dental practices marketing.

Many dental practice owners have trouble getting new patients through the door, and they waste a significant amount of money in the process of trying. But don’t worry, I’m going to show you what to do.

By tuning into my weekly podcasts, you’ll learn exactly what steps to take to make your dental practice profitable.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. And be sure to subscribe, like, and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss any of our episodes.

Episode #7

Part 2-4
Host: Edward Ferguson

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Disclosure: TheWebpageSite.com (our company) is may recommend products services as part of paid promotionals.

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