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Cosmetic Dentist Marketing Articles

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What Platforms Should Cosmetic Dentists Use to Reach Cancer Patients?

It’s important for cancer patients to know that there are Dentists out there that want to do that journey and have this experience with them. And I think the more that you get that warm fuzzy feeling from them, the better, right? Nowadays, the way we learn and connect with new information is through the internet. Instead of learning things directly from our doctors, we learn it online. Putting more presence out there on social media leads patients back to you, so if dentists decided to start talking about it, that would be fantastic.

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Compassionate Strategies for Supporting Cancer Patients

The other way the diagnosis of cancer is hard is it is hard on your family because they’re hurting for you. They do not know what to say. They do not know how to approach it. So I’m trying to say, “Hey, I want to have a real conversation about all the things that you feel about this. Are you comfortable with that?”

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