Google Local Services Ads
for dental practices


Boost your online marketing as a cosmetic dentist by leveraging the reliable support of Google Local Services Ads.


Local Services Ads are the most costeffective and efficient way to boost your lead generation. This type of marketing tool is designed to help businesses get found quickly on local searches and maximize their return on investment (ROI). LSAs are offered by Google and are designed to make it easy for customers to find and contact you.

When potential customers search for a dentist on Google, your ad will appear at the top of the page as an indicatedGoogle Guaranteed business. Your ad will also stand out from the competition with a unique rating system that shows customers you are reliable and trustworthy. This rating system is based on reviews from past customers and provides an incentive for customers to choose your business over other competitors.


Benefits of Google Local Services Ads:

In addition to being costeffective, LSAs offer exceptional ROI. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, LSAs are payperlead, meaning you only pay for leads you generate. This helps keep your budget in check and your ROI high.

So, if youre looking to boost your local leadgeneration efforts and get the highest return on investment, Local Services Ads are the way to go. Take advantage of this unique marketing tool and get your business to the top of local searches

Where Do Google Local Services Ads Appear?

Google Local Services Ads (LSA) are ads that appear for local businesses at the top of the search engine results page when a customer searches for services in the local area. LSAs have become an increasingly popular way for local businesses to get in front of potential customers. The following are the five places where LSAs appear:

By appearing in these five places, LSAs are able to reach potential customers when they are searching for services in the local area

LSA's Are A Natural Choice For Dentists

Budget Friendly Pay As You Go Advertisements

With Google Local Services Ads, cosmetic dentists can maximize their return on investment and only pay for leads that are likely to convert. This payperlead model means that cosmetic dentists don‘t have to pay until they receive an inquiry from a customer, allowing them to prioritize quality service for each individual lead. This is the perfect solution for cosmetic dentists looking to get the most out of their advertising budget.

Google Local Services Ads Are Great At Generating Leads For Your Dental Practice

Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) are a great way for dental practices to reach local customers and stand out from the competition. Here are five key benefits of using LSAs:

Overall, Google Local Services Ads offer an effective and costefficient way for dental practices to reach local customers and stand out from the competition. They are also a great way to build your reputation, as customers can read ratings and reviews before they make an appointment.


Google Local Services Ads vs Google Local Search Ads: Why You Need Both

Broad and Narrow Targeting

Google Local Services Ads and Google Local Search Ads are two types of advertising platforms available to local businesses. While both offer effective ways to target local customers, they are different and offer different advantages.

Google Local Services Ads are designed to connect local businesses with customers who are looking for a specific service in their area. With Local Services Ads, businesses can create custom ads that appear at the top of the search engine results page, making them highly visible and more likely to be seen by potential customers. Businesses can also target ads to customers in specific cities, states, or zip codes, and use features like ratings and reviews to showcase their reputation.

Google Local Search Ads are more general in nature, and are designed to help businesses reach more people in their local area. These ads appear in the Google Maps search results, and show up when people search for businesses in the area. While they dont offer the same level of targeting as Local Services Ads, they are still useful for getting more visibility in a local market.

For local businesses, both types of ads can be used in combination to reach more local customers. Local Services Ads can help businesses reach customers who are searching for a specific service, while Local Search Ads can help businesses reach a broader audience

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