Call Tracking​
for dental practices

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Maximize your marketing investment and achieve an impressive return on investment by keeping track of the origin of your new dental patient.

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Local Dental Practice SEO

Outrank local Dental businesses using proven optimization strategies to gain top rankings.

By using business call tracking, you gain valuable insights into the sources of your incoming calls. Whether it’s from digital or traditional marketing campaigns, understanding where your leads come from can help you optimize your strategies for better results. Call tracking assigns unique phone numbers to each of your marketing channels, allowing you to measure their effectiveness.

The data collected through call tracking not only helps you identify which channels drive the most calls, but also which ones are most likely to lead to conversions and meet your marketing objectives. By analyzing this information, you can make informed decisions on where to focus your advertising budget and how to refine your campaigns for maximum impact. With business call tracking, you can track the trail to your door and make data-driven decisions to drive growth for your business.

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Advantages of Call Tracking for Dental Practices

With call tracking, you can take charge of your marketing budget by swiftly cutting off the methods that don’t deliver results.

Understanding Customer Behavior through Call Tracking

Enhance your marketing approach by comprehending what motivates customers to take action.

With call tracking, cosmetic dentists can gain valuable insights into their visitors’ behavior. You can learn why they called, where they came from, what questions they asked, and if they booked an appointment. By understanding where your visitors are coming from, you can identify what motivates them and uncover any issues in the conversion process.

With this information, you can identify which marketing tactics are working and integrate successful methods into other marketing channels. The wording, images, and content of ads, landing pages, and social media posts all contribute to how prospects behave. By analyzing this data, you can optimize your marketing efforts across all channels to encourage the desired behavior from your potential patients.


Let's Begin: Call Tracking for Your Business

Maximizing your marketing investment.

By using dynamic phone numbers for each campaign, you can easily track customer behavior with the latest technology. Our team at Teeth Are Not Tools Marketing leverages this technology to provide complete transparency of customer activity and the channels they frequent. By analyzing the number and quality of leads generated by each channel, you can better understand customer interactions and fine-tune your efforts to improve conversions.

Call tracking can be simplified to identify where calls come from, or made more strategic to provide valuable insights. You can customize call tracking to fit your budget using free tools like Google or website analytics and PPC platforms, or opt for a more advanced solution. By assigning different phone numbers to different campaigns, you can easily change your approach and measure the success of each campaign.

Local SEO and Social Media

Show off what you know in full color and enthusiastic conversations.

Social media is a time-consuming aspect of local SEO, but it is also a necessary evil. Nothing offers a better opportunity to show off your passion for teeth than big and bold images and engaging conversations that inspire people to rethink their taste in home décor. Your work is all about color, image, and beautiful spaces. Social media is the perfect channel to share your work and help people learn the ins and outs of expert dentistry. We can help start conversations, answer questions to show off your expertise, and increase engagement that shows off your passion, skills and love of all things dentist.

Unifying Your Marketing Channels with Call Tracking

Gain insights into the effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns

Enhance your call tracking by applying it to a variety of ad campaigns, such as local flyers, direct mail, billboards, and bench advertising. Track customer response rates through special offers, signage, email campaigns, and social media posts and offers. Also, track online PPC ads through Google and social media platforms.

Call tracking is not limited to online efforts only. In fact, it can boost every ad campaign you run, such as

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