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Who Uses Accessibility Tools?

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When you implement accessibility tools on your website, you’re taking your possible patient base from some people to everyone. How do you access these tools? One way is through our partner, accessiBe.

Why do I need to offer accessibility tools on my website, anyway? It sounds like a lot of work, and there are probably not any people I know who are disabled, right? Totally wrong. Accessible websites would benefit about 25% of the United States population. That’s 25% of people that aren’t able to engage with your site or book appointments with your dental practice. Why be content with 75%?

One in four people in the United States are disabled. That’s how many people that you’re potentially missing, in terms of customers, in terms of service, in terms of humanity. Those can be your friends, your family members, or those you see while you’re dropping your kids off at school. Any time you’re out in public, you could be interacting with a person with a disability. Some are visible, and some are invisible, but all disabilities affect how the person engages with the rest of the world. Someone you run into in your day-to-day life has some sort of impairment or disability. One in four is a huge number, if you really think about it. 

When you implement accessibility tools on your website, you’re taking your possible patient base from some people to everyone. How do you access these tools? One way is through our partner, accessiBe. The tool is literally just a piece of code that gets installed on your website. You can have your own web developer do it, likely at minimal or no extra cost. 

AccessiBe has a free trial to start, so before you make any commitments, you can make sure it’s right for you and your cosmetic dental practice. There’s really no reason why you should not try it! You could go directly to the acessiBe website and begin the process there, but as their partner, we have an affiliate link. In the interest of full disclosure, we are affiliate partners with accessiBe. Click here to learn more and begin your trial! We’re confident that once you experience the power of accessiBe, you’ll agree that it’s worth every penny.

As a business owner and as a consumer, I think the trial is a great tool. It’s a great way to see any kind of experience, like streaming and delivery services at no cost.  You get to know all the benefits you’d get if you signed up for, for example, Netflix, without having to commit to paying for a month. By the same token, accessiBe’s trial period allows you as the dental practice owner to have it installed and check out everything this tool can do for your patients. You can even download a (free!) screen reader to see how it works with that. You could test your site’s navigation by clicking the tab button. This trial and these small actions can give you a sense of what a significant difference this tool can make. If you’re still unsure, you can even schedule a demo with our team to do an in-depth review of all the perks of using accessiBe for your cosmetic dental practice site. By the end of that process, you should have a very clear understanding of what this tool can do. 

You may not realize it, but accessiBe is an industry-standard tool. Brands like GE, Johnson & Johnson, Dannon, and Oreo have already adopted this technology into their websites. So whenever you’re placing orders online for food or household items, look for a little blue button on the screen. That’s accessiBe at work! When you notice all these big brand names incorporating this tool, you understand just how widespread its reach is. And if they can rely on it, so can you. Even the cost is affordable. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a developer to manually code your site. It’s only about the cost of two to three lunches per week, which is definitely doable for most small business owners.

In addition to all the reasons accessiBe is great for you as a dental practice owner is because you are helping the society and the community you serve. When people use your cosmetic dentist website, they will know by that little blue widget on the side that you have taken steps to ensure the whole community can access cosmetic dental care. For disabled people, that includes being able to choose from a wider range of treatments and engaging with society like everybody else. For you, that translates into increasing patient volume and expanding your reach as a practice.


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