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What Are Google Ads?

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We thought the automation revolution would be these giant, massive machines in human form taking people’s jobs. The reality is automation has turned into computer programs. Your sales team looks like a person sitting behind a computer.

What are Google ads? Well, essentially, Google ads reach out to your customers. 

They say, “This is the product or service that is available,” and then they drive them back to your website.

That is exactly what a sales team does! The benefit of Google ads as a salesforce is they meet your customers everywhere. The next time you are driving down the highway, look to your left and right. You will definitely see people on their phones. So long as they have technology, Google will find them. They know who your customers are, they know your customers’ habits, and they never take any sick days off. They work through the holidays, and it is a scalable workforce. 

Now, I remember when I was younger and people talked about the automation revolution. It was coming to the car industry and taking jobs there. We thought the automation revolution would be these giant, massive machines in human form taking people’s jobs. The reality is automation has turned into computer programs. Your sales team looks like a person sitting behind a computer. 

You may have a copywriter writing for your website, and you may have a photographer who is taking great, phenomenal pictures of your practice. You are putting your best foot forward on the internet. You take that, and then you add it to Google AI, or artificial intelligence. Remember how I was talking about those “robots”? These days, they are computer programs that sit out there and run the task that the traditional sales force would do. That allows you to more easily scale what you are trying to do for your business. And it also greatly reduces the cost for the service in your business! 

Okay, I am about to start oversimplifying right here, but: Google essentially has four different ad products. It is a little bit more than that, but for the purpose of this conversation, it is going to be four ad products.

They have a search product, which is when you “Google it.” You go to Google.com and search for something. The top search things that you see in your search results are where the search ads come in. 

Then there are display ads. When you are logged into a blog or Facebook and you see ads or someone’s information pop up, those are display ads. There are different types of display ads for different networks. Google has their own display ads in their own display ad network. 

The other ones are YouTube videos. YouTube is the largest search engine on the planet right now. Video ads will pop up between those YouTube videos, so when people are searching stuff on YouTube and search results—in this scenario, video search results—pop up, the ads will pop up in between the videos and below those videos. And that is how they help you to connect with your customer and to their brands. 

And then the last one: if you have a smart TV, you see these ads that pop up. Those are video ads as well. But those are geared more towards the home consumer. As an example: the display ad has an image, and the image is going to be something that is attractive, something that your target or core patient is going to look at and say, “This is fun and interesting. I am curious about this. Let me inquire more. Let me click on this link.” It will have some information about your dental office, maybe some services that you offer. And then in addition to that, it is gonna have your URL, so people can connect with you. It also may have some other information, like your phone number if you are able to receive phone calls.

Did you know, Google has a tool that allows you to put the content together? They have so much content and so much data, they can literally tell you how your ad is going to do. So if you upload your image and then the associated text that goes with it, they will give you little checkboxes as you are setting it up. Those checkboxes can tell you how your ad will do or if it needs some work. We are on a mission to help 500 cosmetic dental practices double their revenue by 2026, and we want yours to be one of them. Now that you know how Google ads can help you find your next patient, would you be interested in a free consultation for your dental practice?


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