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Marketing planning strategy for cosmetic dental offices

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It can be hard to look at the bigger picture in marketing when you are busy running a practice. However, making the time to do that is an important part of a business plan. What follows is a rundown of what we do at Teeth Are Not Tools for our partners. Hopefully, it can help you develop a strategy of your own.

First, we have a sheet for our practices to fill out with their schedule, including days off and holidays. Then we take that information and upload it on any necessary platforms – like Yelp and Google – by December.

Another thing that we look at in terms of a practice’s goals is what dental services do they want to promote?  This could be veneers. This could be teeth whitening. We want to promote whatever our partners want us to promote.

At that point, we can create a six-month schedule. Twelve months would be ideal, but that can be too much of an investment, especially when a practice wants to pivot. At the six month mark, a business may decide to do more or less of the same thing. The key is knowing the ideal client and ideal demographic to target with a promotion.

For your dental practice, you want to understand what you’re going to be talking about and once you understand that, then you can promote it. A while ago, I talked about all the clever TikTok, Facebook and YouTube videos that businesses create. Just because they are funny however, doesn’t mean they connect with their target audience.

Feel free to continue to make videos but first understand what you’re going to talk about on these platforms in terms of service promotions for that month.

Take January for instance. We might suggest a ‘new smile’ February and talk about Valentine’s Day. March and April is a good time to begin talking about weddings and wedding photos and bridal party teeth whitening sessions.

So now you have a better idea of the content for your funny videos. You can have that consistent promotion around your practice and make sure it aligns with the pertinent information on your website and other digital mediums.

The holidays are a good time to schedule some office and team photos to update your website and team bios for the new year. That way when when you go into the promotions for the next year everything is in place to give clients the best impression of your business.

One thing that might surprise you is knowing what pages potential clients most visit on a practice’s website. The first thing that they’ll look at of course is your home page. The second thing that they’ll look at is not your products or services but is actually your team.

People are curious about who will be working in their mouth. So having great photos and compelling bios is vital.

A good bio will include professional qualifications but also give potential patients an idea of the team member’s personality. Making a virtual connection with a team member is part of the reason a customer may finally convert. Maybe the person shares an alma mater with your staff member, or maybe they both like dogs. A patient wants someone who will be good at their job, but they also want to like their dental professional.

Updating staff bios is also something that you can do around this time of year along with a refresh of your website featuring existing and upcoming product promotions. Have staff fill out a fun questionnaire at your next gathering. You may learn something new about them you can use to promote your business.

In thinking about strategy, be sure to take into account the human aspect. At the end of the day your patients are people too. They are regular people with families, lives, jobs, and things they want to do to be successful in in their lives.

It is the dental practitioner’s job to help patients achieve their goals above and beyond a broken tooth. The goal may be to alleviate pain, or it may be to get a new job. Patients want to live a better life, whatever that means to them. Your marketing needs to reflect that. 


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