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Dear Dentist, Why Invest In Google Ads?

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Listen to this article
Many dentists are sold on the fact that if you have this great website, people are going to go to your website. The reality is “build it and they will come” does not really exist. 

So why should you invest in Google ads for your cosmetic dentist practice? I’ll put it this way: many dentists are sold on the fact that if you have this great website, people are going to go to your website, look at your products and services, fill out the form and book appointments. The reality is “build it and they will come” does not really exist. 

There are close to one billion websites out there, and hundreds of new websites go online every day. Your dental practice has to compete with all of them. You want to get to the front of the pack, and Google is going to put those sites that have the most value and the most interest out in front of the world. Unfortunately, if your website is new, it may not have the team to write articles and all the necessary content that will promote it. A new website will not rank very well. 

As a business owner you have the dilemma of getting butts in seats. You want prospective patients to know you provide a valuable service and can help them!! 

Imagine this scenario, let’s say you are going to the grocery store. When you enter the store, there are a lot of brands. You have brands that are well-established, for purposes of this conversation, let’s say, Coke and Pepsi. These classic soda juggernauts  have made their way into your household. In fact practically everybody around the world knows these brands. If you’re looking for soda, when you go into the store and you’re looking for one of those “big” brands.You know exactly where to go and you know where to find them. Go to the soda aisle and it’s in such-and-such location. You can just go straight there. 

Now imagine you are a lesser known brand that has a lot of competition in your business space. You have to find some way to get out there and get recognized. If you can’t do that, your product is just sitting on the shelf, making your business no money. 

Retailers know this.Being the great marketers they are, they have years and years of consumer spending data. In fact, did you know they have special locations at the end of the shelves, and those locations are for rent. They charge what is called a “slotting fee.” Essentially, the slotting fee allows only those products paying rent to sit at the end of the aisle. When you’re going by and you see these products, you say, “Wow, that’s a new brand of toothpaste,” or “Wow, those are some new chips. They look fun and interesting. Let me just drop them in my cart as I’m just passing by.” 

Here is another example many of you will relate to, you know that at the checkout, stores will have candy for you to buy. Yes, they have slotting fees for all the candies! If you are a parent, you know this, because your child always seems to manage to have candy in their hand just as you’re about to check out. You’re saying to yourself, “Where did they get this candy from?!?!” The candy was strategically placed for a child to easily see and easily grab. If you are watching something like this happen as a spectator  you can imagine that the parents are probably worn down trying to keep their child from buying the whole store, and they say, “You know what? These people behind me are staring at me, I don’t want to look like a bad parent, and my kid is at the end of the trip. Let me just buy this candy.”

That instant purchase of candy is an example of the benefits of the slotting fees, and search engine companies do the same thing. Google places a slotting fee on its ad spaces. If you’re paying for Google ads, you are going to show up at the top of the list. If you outbid your competition and you have a more interesting product, Google will want to show your product even more. 

We are on a mission to help 500 cosmetic dental practices double their revenue by 2026, and we want yours to be one of them. Now that you know how Google ads can help you find your next patient, would you be interested in a free consultation for your dental practice? 


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